2017 Cover  
We asked and you were up to the task!

23 amateur and professional photographers submitted their favorite photos of birds of prey to the calendar contest.  We had over 100 images to jury. Coming up with the top 14 photographs was a difficult process because they were all so good.

The first place contest winner and the cover of the RMRP Annual 2017 Raptor Photo Calendar is a Prairie falcon by Steve Strauss, beautifully captured in flight.   13 additional images will grace the inside cover and each month of the year.  But wait there's more; another 12 inset images will also hold a space on each month.




Strauss Prairie Falcon

Prairie Falcon by Steve Strauss

Inside Front Cover

Meurer Eurasian Kestrel

Eurasian Kestrel by Craig Meurer


 Harness Pale Chanting Goshawk

Pale Chanting Goshawk by Rick Harness


 Eisele Great Horned Owl

Great Horned Owl by April Eisele


Harness Merlin

Merlin by Rick Harness


fuller osprey

Osprey by Mark Fuller


Boltalina_Pygmy Owl

Northern Pygmy Owl by Olga Boltalina


Caracara's by Thurman

Caracara's by Ray Thurman


fuller barred owl

Barred Owl by Mark Fuller


Meurer buow

Burrowing Owl by Craig Meurer


duffner baea

Bald Eagles by Gregory Duffner


Cooper's Rae Ann M. Garrett

Cooper's Hawk by Rae Ann M. Garrett


ellis rlha

Rough Legged Hawk by Josh Ellis


Strauss_Northern Harrier

Northern Harrier by Steve Strauss


We will also be featuring the following images as small, inset photographs:

Immature Bald Eagle by Gregory Duffner; Immature Screech Owls by Gregory Duffner; Common Barn Owl by Matthew Ercole; Bald Eagles by Rick Harness; White-tailed Kite by Craig Meurer; American Kestrel by Craig Meurer; Bateleur Eagle by Craig Meurer; Eagle’s Eye by Matt Nugent; Osprey by Dan O’Donnell; Red-tailed Hawk by Jim Travis; Swainson’s Hawk by Jim Travis; Red-tailed Hawk by Don Van Horn

These photographic submissions have helped to save the lives of many injured raptors! When you purchase a 2017 calendar, that will continue to help save the lives of birds in need.  Calendar should go on sale September 1st for $10. E-mail Lisa@rmrp.org to purchase yours or you can go to our on line store.


Ethics of Raptor Photography

Photos can be of raptors found anywhere on the planet. Please note that all photos
submitted must demonstrate ethical behavior around wildlife, and any birds photographed,
must not have been harassed or intentionally flushed. We will not print any photo of a raptor that has been baited to come to a particular spot. Please refer to the American Birding
Associations Code of Ethics which can be found at this website: www.aba.org/about/ethics.html. If you have submitted a photo of a bird in or around a nest please submit detailed information about your distance from the nest and the type of lens used.
If the photo you submit has identifiable people in it, you must submit signed photo releases from
them, or their parent if they are minors.

Deadline for photo submission: July 1, 2016.