The remarkable landscape of northern Colorado relies heavily on the prosperity of the creatures that call this habitat home, particularly the majestic birds of prey that soar above us.

Unfortunately, as our man-made environment expands, the ability for the birds of prey to maintain their lives in the wild becomes readily more difficult. Many times these birds fall victim to a tragic injury that obstructs their capacity to thrive in their natural domain.


Located at 720 East Vine Drive in Fort Collins, Colorado, the raptor rehabilitation center is home to our rehabilitation efforts, raptors undergoing rehabilitation, and our Educational Ambassadors. A former woodworking shop and bottling plant, this 8,000-square foot facility continues to serve as our center of operations while we plan our future permanent facility. This facility is not open to the general public due to COVID-19 restrictions. There is no current estimated time to reopen tours and open houses.

Future Home

Working with the nation’s leading wildlife and nature center designers, the proposed Rocky Mountain Raptor Center for Excellence in Avian Conservation, Education and Research is a 20-acre center designed to meet the ever-increasing demands that have been placed upon our program.

Planned as a public outreach and raptor rehabilitation facility, this proposed 20-acre center will allow us to better serve our raptor community.

Environmental Learning Center (ELC) 

As of 5/1/16, the RMRP no longer has raptors on display at the ELC. Please check out this news update to learn why. You may support these birds by clicking here.