RMRP 2015 CalendarProduced and printed locally, our annual calendar is one of the best exposure opportunities that money can buy. 80% of the profits of each sale directly supports the raptors in our care. Your help supports our ability to thrive year-round. Furthermore, those who support us as sponsors get the benefit of charitable recognition for an entire year.


Be a Raptor’s Everyday Hero – Calendar Sponsor - $3000.00
Your name and logo prominently displayed on the cover and backside of the calendar, as well as small logo placement on each month. We will also include a short company bio to show our thanks for being a Rocky Mountain Raptor hero. Note: there is only one full-calendar sponsorship available; however, monthly and daily sponsorships will be available to other donors.


Be a True RMRP Leader –Sponsor the Cover - $1250.00
Your name and logo prominently displayed on the cover, with sponsorship mention on the back page.


Be a Monthly Supporter – Sponsor a Single Month - $360.00
Your company name and logo next to that month’s raptor and adjacent to the name of the month.

¨ Deal #1: Pick a Month for the 2016 AND 2017 calendars for only $650 (a 10% discount!)

¨ Deal #2: Pick a Month for the 2016, 2017 and 2018 calendars for only $925 (a 15% discount!)


Select Five So We Can Survive! – Sponsor Five In-Calendar Days - $250

Logo placement on single days within the calendar – your choice of 5 days plus one line of text.


Dare to be Daily – Sponsor Individual Days - $50.00
Logo placement on a single day within the calendar, plus one line of text.

Note: Sponsor logos must be 2” minimum, 300 dpi, .jpg, .tiff, or .pdf format. All logos must be emailed to judy@rmrp.org by Friday, July 31, 2015 to guarantee inclusion.


Your support makes a world of difference. Reserve your space today!

For more information or to reserve your sponsorship, contact Judy Scherpelz, Executive Director – judy@rmrp.org, (970) 484-7756.