Eastern Screech Owl (Megascops asio)

Although looking much like a toasted marshmallow, this Eastern Screech Owl has an attitude more like a roaring fire!

Eastern Screech Owls come in two color phases: grey or red. This fiery red-head was rescued by the Raptor Conservation Alliance in Nebraska in 2018. Although we don’t know how she was injured, we are amazed she survived her injuries!

She had a badly fractured right wing at the humerus. Although RCA tried very hard to return this little owl to the wild, she never quite regained full range of motion in her right wing and couldn’t fly well enough to return to the wild. The amazing team at Nature’s Educators took this little one in as an Educational Ambassador. Nature’s Educators gave this Eastern Screech Owl a wonderful home and great strides toward becoming an Educational Ambassador.

RMRP is absolutely ecstatic that our amazing friends at Nature’s Educators decided to transfer this Eastern Screech Owl to RMRP to join the ranks of our Educational Ambassadors. We are so thankful to our friends as they help us build our Ambassador ranks with amazing raptors!

This little owl is a staple in our environmental outreach with her good looks and cheeky personality.

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