Common Barn Owl Tyto alba

Barn Owl

With his white chest and heart-shaped facial disk, our educational Common Barn Owl is an eye-catching sight at exhibits and programs. He came to the RMRP in 2000 with a shattered right humerus (upper wing bone) after being found alongside a roadway north of Fort Collins. Although the bone healed, the extent of the damage to the bone doesn’t allow him to have the range of motion he needs to fly.


Since joining the RMRP, this Common Barn Owl has served as a foster parent to orphaned baby Barn Owls that need a role model of their own species when raised in our care. With him as their model, they develop their natural vocalizations as well as the toe dusting behavior common to this species. He feeds them like they are his own and teaches them to be defensive against predators (like us humans). He has raised well over 100 orphans throughout the years, all of which were successfully returned to the wild. As an Education Ambassador, he attends numerous education presentations at schools and public outreach exhibits around the state.

Shy Barn Owl



Barn Owls, the Tyto family, are found throughout the world, except for Antarctica.

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