Coffee with the Raptors

January 16, 2022 @ 10:00 am – 10:30 am
RMRP YouTube
Jessica Miller
Painting by Amy Dilbeck

Join us for a series of YouTube Live behind the scenes looks into life at the Rocky Mountain Raptor Program.

Beginning on Saturday, November 13th at 10am we will broadcast from our educational treatment room. You will have the opportunity to meet some of our educational ambassadors, staff members, volunteers and see how we do what we do.

We will be broadcasting on our YouTube channel: Rocky Mountain Raptor Program YouTube  We suggest you subscribe to our channel ahead of time so you can get notification when we go live. Click the link and then click the Subscribe button.

Coffee with the Raptors will be live twice a month through the winter on the following days.

December – Saturday 12/4 & Sunday 12/12
January – Saturday 1/8 & Sunday 1/16
February – Saturday 2/5 & Sunday  2/20
We hope you will engage with us at these events. Ask questions, share your experiences with us, tell us your stories while we watch how we provide the care for these amazing birds. RMRP staff and volunteers will be available to answer your questions and maybe even provide some comic relief.
The painting featured in this post is by RMRP supporter and talented artist Amy Dilbeck. When she painted this she imagined what it would be like if a Screech Owl and a Saw-whet Owl got together for a cuppa on a coffee break, or in the case of the Saw-whet a cup of tea. What would they discuss?

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