2015 Photo Calendar Contest Winners

At long last, the judges have come out from behind closed doors, where they have been locked away, studying, debating, oohing and awing at almost 200 photograph entries for the 2015 RMRP fundraising calendar.  The judges tell me it was a difficult competition to judge.  All the photographs were extraordinary.  “Marvelous captures of some of natures most marvelous of creatures”, says one judge.  “Extraordinary! Simply Extraordinary” says another.  This calendar will definitely be a Must Have when printing is complete and they hit the shelves at the beginning of October.

Here are the winning images:

Barn Owl by Dave Fahrney  Prairie Falcon by Rick Harness Leucistic Red Tailed Hawk by Mike Smith Bald Eagle by Dawn Wilson

Coopers Hawk by Jim Futterer  American Kestrel by Craig Meurer Eastern Screech Owl by Jim Futterer Osprey by Dan O'Donnell

Burrowing Owls by Peter Hartlove  Turkey Vulture by RaeAnn Garrett Peregrine Falcon by Mack Hitch Ferruginous Hawk by Rick Harness

Rough Legged Hawk by Rick Harness Golden Eagle by Dave Fahrney


The cover shot is an image of the RMRP’s educational barn owl.  This owl serves as a foster dad for many of the orphan barn owls we get every year.  Throughout his time with us, when not posing for cover shots, he has helped to raise well over 100 orphan barn owls that all received “A Second Chance at Freedom”.  We end the year with another of our educational ambassador’s, in this case a Golden Eagle.  Staring in the month of August is our educational Turkey  Vulture.  Some may say that vultures have a face only a mother could love.  But once you get to know our educational vulture, his gentle curiosity might just make a fan out of you.

All the rest of these amazing shots were captured in the wild.  Skill and patience is necessary of the photographer to be in just the right place at the right time to capture such active and majestic birds.  Great Job photographers!

Calendars will go on sale October 1st and sell for $10 each.  Calendars will be able to be ordered over the phone, on our website, in our gift shop, or at any of our outreach events throughout the fall and winter.

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