The 2020 Annual Fundraising Calendar contest has been a huge success!

A big thanks to all of the photographers who submitted great photographs of such a wide array of raptors from around the world. Thank you to Susan Baptista, Lawrence Barker, Jerry Chase, Vaughn Cottman, Lisa Downs, April Eisele, Mark Fuller, Rae Ann Garrett, Paul Greene, Rick Harness, Peter Hartlove, TJ Holoun, Yolanda Jensen, Theresa Jordan, Doug Kelly, Summitt Liu, Craig Meurer, Dan O'Donnell, Joe Pekara, Alicia Ramsey, Tom Riedman, Kim Smagala, Marie Terry, and Dominique Thigpen.

And the Winners Are:

In addition to these winning photographs we will have several smaller inset photographs throughout the calendar by these photographers: Susan Baptista, Jerry Chase, Lisa Downs, Mark Fuller, Rick Harness, Peter Hartlove, Craig Meurer, Dan O'Donnell, and Dominique Thigpen.

Thank You to the Sponsors of the 2020 Calendar

Foothills Sponsor:


Rolling Plains Sponsor:



Poudre Valley REA

River Delta Sponsor:

Forest Edge Sponsor:




Alpine Vista Sponsor:   David Caputo


This calendar will be another wonderful work of art to hang on your walls.  Calendars go on sale in mid-September for $10 each (plus applicable sales tax and shipping costs).  The purchase of this calendar makes it possible to care for sick and injured raptors coming through our doors daily.