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Bronze by Chuck Weaver -  Chuck Weaver was an accomplished bronze artist who loved nature, and captured the beauty of the eagle in this unique piece.  Upon his passing in late 2015, his bronze Raptoround was donated to the RMRP to assist our fundraising efforts.  This item is a unique part of the RMRP live auction:  the high bidder of this item wins the right to display this beautiful bronze in their home – including a plaque denoting their name and the year.  The bronze will then be given back to the RMRP for the next gala dinner and auction.  A plaque is added each year to denote the winner and year.  A large version of this bronze was displayed in Old Town Fort Collins for an extended time.

2019 Raptoround Winner - Ross & Jill Cunniff

2018 Raptoround Winner - Ross & Jill Cunniff

2017 Raptoround Winner - Ross & Jill Cunniff

2016 Raptoround Winner - Maria and John Reed


8th annual RMRP Eggstravaganza

Featured Ostrich, Emu, Rhea, and Goose eggs decorated by local talented artists.  You will have a chance to bid on these eggs during the silent auction.

If you would like to decorate an egg for the 8th annual Eggstravaganze please contact Carin Avila, 970-484-7756 or One egg per artist. Thank you for helping to raise money to give raptors "A Second Chance at Freedom".

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by Madi Norton






by Lisa Winta

by Karen Pitzen

by Julie Woods

By Curtis Burgess

by Grey Jones

by Cassandra Benton

by Beatrice Rudolph

by Bonnie Cleaver