Raptor Photo Calendar Contest

Wanted: 13 great photographs of Colorado Birds of Prey!

October Photograph
Bald Eagle by Vaughn Cottman

Do you have great photos of raptors?  Would you like to share those with the whole world?  You can do just that with the RMRP’s annual Raptor Photo Calendar Contest.  Your entry fee is a fundraiser for the RMRP and will help to provide care for over 300 injured birds yearly.

The Rocky Mountain Raptor Program invites amateur and professional photographers to
submit their favorite photos of birds of prey native to Colorado. The top 13 photographs will be
included in the RMRP Annual 2015 Raptor Photo Calendar. The first place contest winner will
have their photo featured on the cover of the calendar. All photographs will include photo

Entry fees are $20 for the first photo submitted and $5 per additional photo. These
entry fees help defray the cost of printing the calendar. The RMRP Annual Calendar is a
fundraiser for the Rocky Mountain Raptor Program, and funds generated by this calendar will
help to pay for the rehabilitation of injured and sick raptors. It may cost over $1,000 to provide
the full continuum of care to release a bird back to the wild, and we thank you for supporting
our beloved wildlife. RMRP cares for over 300 hundred birds every year, providing them with
intensive care, food, proper caging and release back to the wild. We receive 80% of our funding
from generous donations from the community and the funds generated from this calendar.

Your photographic submission will help save the life of an injured raptor!
We hope you will partner with us. The calendars are sold in retail stores throughout
northern Colorado. We need your expertise and passion to make the calendar a success.
Photo Format Guidelines
 Photos must be sized for printing at 12 inches wide by 10 inches high.
 3,600 x 3,000 pixels (at dpi)
 High-quality JPG file
 RGB color space
Photographs may be taken in the wild or in captivity. The 13 best entries will also be
published on the RMRP web site. Winning photographers will receive a free copy of the
calendar, and a discount on additional calendar purchases.
Photos should be submitted via flash drive, CDR or similar media. Please label the media
with your name and Email address. PLEASE DO NOT EMAIL PHOTOS. You may direct any
questions to: Judy Scherpelz at 970-484-7756 or judy@rmrp.org
Mail all entries and Calendar Submission Form 2015:
Rocky Mountain Raptor Program
2519 S. Shields St. #115;
Fort Collins, CO 80526


Ethics of Raptor Photography

Photos should feature raptors that are native to Colorado. Please note that all photos
submitted must demonstrate ethical behavior around wildlife, and any birds photographed,
must not have been harassed or intentionally flushed. We will not print any photo of a raptor that has been baited to come to a particular spot. Please refer to the American Birding
Associations Code of Ethics which can be found at this website: www.aba.org/about/ethics.html. If you have submitted a photo of a bird in or around a nest please submit detailed information about your distance from the nest and the type of lens used.
If the photo you submit has identifiable people in it, you must submit signed photo releases from
them, or their parent if they are minors.

Deadline for photo submission: July 1, 2014.

Decisions will be made by August 1, 2014
and all photographers sending submissions will be notified shortly thereafter by e-mail.

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