2019 RMRP Photo Calendar

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Beautiful raptor photographs from all over the world

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Let raptors inspire you each month with RMRP’s limited edition 2019 Calendar.

We carefully selected raptor photos from the nearly 100 photos we received during our 2019 calendar photo contest. The resulting stunning assortment of birds are seen in a spectacularly beautiful calendar.

Are you looking for a gift for a raptor enthusiast? A bird watcher? That person who has everything? Perhaps a gift for yourself to speak to your soul? Look no further.  Order your RMRP 2019 Calendar now!  

Cover by Paul Walker

The Calendar photos feature raptors from all over the world. Information on each page helps you learn about the individual raptors.

Purchasing one of these calendars will save the life of an injured raptor or provide the funding to teach about raptor conservation.

Website note - All images shown here have a large copyright across the image to protect these fabulous photos from internet thievery.  The actual calendar will have discreet copyright markings so each photo  will be a conversation piece on your wall.



Cover by Paul Walker


Inside Front by Paul Walker

Inside Front Cover

January by April Eisele


February by April Eisele


March by Richard Harness


April by Paul Walker


May by Mark Fuller


June by Dan O'Donnell


July by Vaughn Cottman


August by Craig Meurer


September by Craig Meurer


October by April Eisele


November by Mike Martin


December by Paul Walker



In addition to the above primary photos each month will have one or more smaller inset photos by the following photographers: Susan Baptista, Lisa Downs, Dan O'Donnell, April Eisele, Richard Harness, Richard Bagdasarian, Kurt Flock, Craig Meurer, Paul Walker, Joe Pekara, and Carol Galloway.