Animal Helpers

Animal Helpers: Raptor Centers

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Even the fiercest wild animals, like raptors, sometimes need human help.

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"Animal Helpers: Raptor Centers" by Jennifer Keats Curtis is a short, photographic journal that explores life inside a raptor rehabilitation program.

Animal Helpers: Raptor Programs is a photographic journal that showcases the activities of many raptor centers in the United States, including Rocky Mountain Raptor Program.  Rocky Mountain Raptor Program provided photographs and insight into the care and rehabilitation of raptors for this book.

Animal Helpers: Raptor Programs takes readers behind the scenes at different raptor rehabilitation centers across Animal Helpers Owlsthe country.  The book includes information about rehabilitation techniques, the raptors in need and the dedicated volunteers who assist them as well as beautiful photographs to tie it all together.  It is the perfect book for anyone who is interested in the inner workings of raptor rehabilitation centers.  Children will love this book as well.  It was designed with elementary school science programs in mind.