Through your support, you are joining a very special group of people who are saying yes to freedom, yes to the magnificence of raptors, and yes to the lifesaving and life-changing work of the Rocky Mountain Raptor Program.

No other group of birds stirs the imagination, lifts our spirits and symbolizes noble qualities more than the amazing group we call raptors. Against our backdrop of Colorado’s 14,000-foot mountains and soaring above our high prairies, these inspiring creatures fly free, hunters on the wind.

When they cannot fly, we are ready, 24 hours a day, every day, to do whatever it takes to help them heal. From rescuing birds in a three-state region, to our nationally recognized rehabilitation, education and volunteer programs, through cheering the release of more than 80% of treatable patients back to their home in the wild, RMRP has established a tradition of excellence.

Your gift will go directly to provide care and treatment of the 300 raptors we care for every year. Your membership also allows our 24 non-releasable educational “ambassadors” to accompany staff and volunteers who teach the important role raptors play in our environment, and about our responsibility to care for wildlife and our world.

Thank you for your generous contribution. Your support inspires us, and we vow to do our best to save each animal, and to keep you informed of our progress along the way.


Carin Avila
Executive Director
Rocky Mountain Raptor Program


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