Winter Wish List Drive

A simple way to support the life-saving and life-changing efforts of RMRP is to provide items from our wish list. Each item on our wishlist helps advance our mission to heal these magnificent birds and deliver conservation messaging.

Most Needed Items Wish List

These items ae needed by every department at RMRP and keep our mission soaring.

itemneedhavefind it
Copy Printer Paper200 reams29Amazon Walmart
#10 Envelopes20 boxes of 5003Amazon Walmart
13 Gallon Unscented Kitchen Trash Bags30 boxes of 12012Amazon Walmart
Laundry Detergent, Unscented30 bottles10Amazon Walmart
Clorox Bleach, Unscented30 bottles20Amazon Walmart
Paper Towels240 Rolls70Amazon Walmart
Toilet Paper240 Rolls84Amazon Walmart
Liquid Hand Soap Refills, Unscented, NOT Antibacterial20 Large Bottles4Amazon Walmart
39 Gallon Lawn Trash Bags30 boxes of 388Amazon Walmart
RodentPro Gift Cards – Use email when orderingUnlimited$50RODENT PRO
Gift Cards to Home Depot or Lowes (Digital cards can be sent to$50Home Depot Lowes*
* Note – Lowe’s does not have a wish list feature. Items need to be purchased and brought or mailed to RMRP.

Rehabilitation & Research Wish List

One of the pillars of the Rocky Mountain Raptor Program’s work is the rehabilitation of injured raptors. From specialized medical equipment to food, your gifts directly translate into care for injured raptors.

ItemNeedHavefind it
Disposable Puppy Pads3 boxes of 1501Amazon Walmart
Tongue Depressors3 boxes of 5001Amazon Walmart
Cotton Tipped Applicators3 boxes of 2001Amazon Walmart
Cotton Balls3 boxes of 5000Amazon Walmart
Tegaderm – 2 3/8 inches X 2 3/4 inces5 boxes of 1001Amazon
Surgical Masks5 boxes of 1000Amazon Walmart
60cc Luer Lock Syringes, Sterile, Individually Wrapped10 boxes of 500Amazon Walmart
20cc Luer Lock Syringes, Sterile, Individually Wrapped10 boxes of 503Amazon Walmart
1cc Luer Lock Syringes, Sterile, Individually Wrapped50 boxes of 1003Amazon Walmart
Scalpel Blades (#10, #11, #15, #22) with Handle2, 44 piece boxes0Amazon
Operating Scissors, Sharp/Blunt, Straight, 4 1/2″158Amazon
Nitrile Gloves, Small20 boxes of 1001Amazon Walmart
Nitrile Gloves, Medium20 boxes of 1007Amazon Walmart
Nitrile Gloves, Large20 boxes of 10012Amazon Walmart
Dry Erase Markers, Black, Ultra Fine Tip5 boxes of 360Amazon Walmart
TW Evans 1/4 Twisted Sisal Rope, Unused, Animal Safe5 boxes of 1500 feet0Amazon Home Depot Lowe’s*
TW Evans 3/8 Twisted Sisal Rope, Unused, Animal Safe5 boxes of 1500 feet0Amazon Home Depot Lowe’s*
TW Evans 1/2 Twisted Sisal Rope, Unused, Animal Safe5 boxes of 1500 feet0Amazon Home Depot Lowe’s*
Dowellife Level 9 Cut Resistant Gloves, Medium1 pair0Amazon
Petmate Aspen Pet Traditional Kennel, 28″107Amazon
Sputnik Small Animal House60Amazon Chewy
Kaytee 12 Inch Comfort Wheel60Amazon Chewy
Hanging Small Animal Tunnel Hammock180Amazon Chewy
Hanging Small Animal Hammock5 0Amazon Chewy
Critter Nation Replacement Pans60Amazon
Lixit 16oz Water Bottle100Chewy
Germ Guardian Filter B Air Purifier Replacement Filter40Amazon
Germ Guardian FLT4100 Replacement Filter40Amazon
LUXPRO LP8900 Rechargeable Spotlight with Power Bank42Amazon
LUXPRO LP630V2 Flashlight40Amazon Lowe’s*
LUXPRO LP630V2 Headlamp120Amazon Lowe’s*
Libman Heavy-Duty Scrub Brush Wish Scraper Head150Amazon Lowe’s*
Chapin International G364D 32oz Hose End Sprayer with Dial80Amazon
DEWALT 20V Max Cordless Drill/Drive with Batteries and Charger60Home Depot
Bergen Industries 50ft Stinger Work Light20Home Depot
MyWeigh Scales33FULFILLED
Happybuy Reptile Incubator (for warming fluids)11FULFILLED
Dowellife Level 9 Cut Resistant Gloves, Large11FULFILLED
5cc Luer Lock Syringes, Sterile, Individually Wrapped5 boxes of 1005FULFILLED
Push Cart by Mellmax11FULFILLED
LUXPRO LP1512 Rechargeable Lantern66FULFILLED
* Note – Lowe’s does not have a wish list feature. Items need to be purchased and brought or mailed to RMRP.

Education & Outreach Wish List

Education and awareness are vital components of RMRP’s mission. By purchasing items from our wish list, you are contributing to our educational outreach efforts in countless ways.

Itemneedhavefind it
Master Rancher 8QT Rubber Feed Pan Heavy Duty100Walmart
Lucas Oil 10013 Fuel Treatment20Amazon
Western Sporting Gift Certificates (use email$1000Western Sporting
Northwoods Falconry Gift Certificates (you will need to ship to us after purchase)$5000Northwoods Falconry
Tandy Leather Gift Certificates (you will need to ship to us after purchase)$5000Tandy Leather
Garden Hose Nozzle, High Pressure30Amazon
COSCO Smartfold Fabric Padded Folding Chair40Amazon
LISOWOD Battery Powered Mini Outdoor Projector with WIFI10Amazon
Danoni 8.5X11 Acrylic Sign Holder1 pack of 60Amazon
MaxGear 4 inch, 3 tier Brochure Display2 packs of 60Amazon
Counter Top 4 Inch Wide Acrylic Brochure Holder2 packs of 60Amazon
VIZ-PRO Magnetic White Board, 18X12 inches10Amazon
Heavy Duty, Collapsible Push Cart Dolly21Amazon
Digital Kitchen Scale – 3000g/0.1g Accuracy41Amazon
Elan Self Healing Cutting Mat, 36X2410Amazon
WELSTIK Black Gaffers Tape1 pack of 20Amazon
Power Failure Night Light, Motion and Light Sensing, Rechargeable31Amazon
Cedar Blocks1 pack of 160Amazon
GROWATT Portable Power Station Generator10Amazon
Mini Photo Light Box 14X10″ With Lights10Amazon
Photography Light Box 32X32″ With Lights10Amazon
iPad (9th Generation)10Amazon
Hawks from Every Angle by Jerry Liguori10Amazon
Environmental Interpretation: A Practical Guide by Sam Ham10Amazon
Understanding Birds of Prey by Dr. Nick Fox10Amazon
Hawks at a Distance by Jerry Liguori10Amazon
The Raptors of North America Coloring Book by Anne Price and Donald Malick10Amazon
Conservation Education and Outreach Techniques by Susan Jacobson10Amazon
Beauty and the Beak: A Bald Eagle Rescue by Deborah Lee Rose10Amazon
Birds of Prey of North America by Pete Dunne10Amazon
The Bird Way: A New Look at Birds by Jennifer Ackerman10Amazon
Communicating Climate Change: A Guide for Educators by Anne Armstrong10Amazon
Raptors – Birds of Prey Coloring Book by House and Hancock10Amazon
Outdoor Lantern, Rechargeable44FULFILLED
BEAMNOVA Leather Strip Cutter Tool11FULFILLED
Rechargeable Headlamp55FULFILLED
How Birds Work: A Guide by Marianne Taylor11FULFILLED
Bird Trivia: North American Birds by Stan Tekiela11FULFILLED