Our Mission: RMRP inspires the protection and conservation of raptors and the environment through excellence in rehabilitation, education, and research.

Our Vision: RMRP envisions a world where humans achieve a harmonious balance with wildlife and the environment.

About Us:

Since 1987, the Rocky Mountain Raptor Program (RMRP) has served the northern Colorado region  through lifesaving raptor rescue, rehabilitation and research, and life-changing conservation education. 

Our community-based team of raptor rehabilitation experts, Colorado State University  veterinarians, and highly-trained volunteers provide compassionate care and rehabilitation to every wounded raptor in need. Our research helps protect raptors in the wild, and we play a vital role in conservation education, providing hands-on learning about raptor species and the environment.

Our  work represents a collaborative community effort focused on the humane treatment of all raptor species. Our communities work together to nurture and protect the health of of birds of prey, and the environment we share with them.

At a glance:

  1. We typically admit  ~300 raptors for rehabilitation each year. Well over 70% of treatable cases are returned to the wild.
  2. Twelve staff members and around 100 volunteers provide all the care needed for our rehabilitation, education, and research efforts. Volunteers provide service the equivalent of 22 full-time staff members. .
  3. Over a dozen research projects are contributed to each year.  
  4. Every year,  we provide more than 225 days of conservation education, reaching more than  45,000 people.

View our Annual Reports to see a detailed accounting of how your support saves raptors and enriches human lives.

How you can help: