There are so many inventive ways to save raptors! Read below for the ways you can be part of giving an injured raptor "A Second Chance at Freedom."

King Soopers

Did you know that when you shop at King Soopers or City Market, you can support the RMRP?? Register your Shopper Card or your Alt # and the choose to enroll in Community Rewards. Enroll to support Rocky Mountain Raptor Program and your regular shopping can support the RMRP at NO COST TO YOU! Our organization ID is BF841.

For King Soopers Stores - go to
For City Market Stores - go to logoShopping through is an easy and free way to help raise money to care for and rehabilitate our amazing raptors! has partnered with over 1600 stores and a percentage of every purchase you make through will be donated to Rocky Mountain Raptor Program at no cost to you. For more information or to start shopping, click here.


 Amazon Smile

amazonsmileDid you know that Amazon will donate 0.5% of your eligible purchase to the nonprofit of your choice? Amazon Smile is the same Amazon that you are used to shopping at, with the added bonus of helping Rocky Mountain Raptor Program. For more information and to sign up, click here.


goodshopGoodshop has a collection of coupons for hundreds of online retailers that not only save you money, but also help to save raptors as well. When you use one of the coupon codes on Goodshop, a percentage of your sale will be donated to the Rocky Mountain Raptor Program. GoodShop is easy to use. Simply search for Rocky Mountain Raptor Program on GoodShop's homepage, click on the RMRP link that pops up, and then sign up. After that, just search for the name of the retailer that you want to shop from, find great coupons to save you money, and shop! GoodShop will take you to the retailer's website and a percentage of any purchase you make will help save raptors. For more information, click here.


GoodSearch is a search engine powered by Yahoo! Every time you securely search the web through GoodSearch, about one penny is donated to your preferred charity. In order to help RMRP, you will need to create a GoodSearch account and choose RMRP as your charity. The sign up button is in the upper left hand corner and it is simple and free to sign up.

Coin Jars

Pick up a change jar the next time you are at the RMRP. Drop your coins in it at the end of the day, bring it to your classroom for fellow students to add coins, set it on the counter of your business. Eventually the change adds up. Bring the jar back when it is full. This is a fun and easy way to support the raptors.



Recycle Your Bailing Twine

Many birds, especially Osprey, get tangled in bailing twine which they pick up in the fields and then use as nesting material. This is a problem that has a simple fix. Please gather up all bailing twine after use. Colorado has a Twine Recycling Program to take it to. This way it keeps it out of the talons of raptors and prevents potential injury.  Go to this website; to learn about where you can drop off that twine. Thank you!