Fees for our educational presentations directly support medical costs and the mission of the Rocky Mountain Raptor Program and may range from $150 for a single Fort Collins classroom to $1,000 for a Denver school assembly. Local programs are considered to be within 25 miles of the RMRP and can vary in price depending on number of birds requested, length of program and size of group. Some funding may be available to underwrite the costs of the educational programs for disadvantaged groups and classrooms. Fees are based on the size of the audience and the distance traveled.

Multiple-program scheduling in the same location at back-to-back times reduces costs. Additional presentations at the same location are $75 each. Many groups raise presentation fees through fund-raising drives and recycling collection.

If you are hoping to schedule a program with the RMRP for your group, please be prepared to schedule *30 days in advance for your preferred date of the program*.  RMRP is experiencing an increase in demand of educational programs,  so we must be more prepared to meet the needs of our clients and planning further in advance is our best hopes to fulfill requests. Please fill out this form complete our educational information request form  to ensure correct details can be obtained.