Program Fees & Underwriting Scholarships

Fees for our educational presentations directly support the care of our ambassadors and patients, allowing us to fulfill our mission of saving and enriching lives. Each program is tailored to fit your time frame, budget, and area of study.

The cost for a program is based on variety of factors including the driving distance, length of the program, and the number of raptors presented.  You have the option of hosting the RMRP at your location or you can come to us! Our classroom seats up to 20 students. For a quote, click the button below to request an appearance.

Local programs include locations within 30 minutes drive time of our facility in Fort Collins.  Prices for a 1 hour local program typically begin at $200 at your location and $175 at our facility.  Multiple-program scheduling in the same location at back-to-back times reduces costs. Additional presentations at the same location are $100 each.

Some funding may be available to underwrite the costs of the educational programs for disadvantaged groups and classrooms. Please communicate with us if funding is a concern.

Corporate rates are determined on a case by case basis. Contact us through the education information request form for a quote.

If you are hoping to schedule a program or appearance with the RMRP for your event, group, or class please be prepared to schedule at least 10 weeks in advance for your preferred date due to high demand. Complete our request form to begin the scheduling process. It may take up to two weeks for us to respond to your request.