The 1987 Club - Monthly Giving Club

The 1987 Campaign, in honor of the year the Rocky Mountain Raptor Program was founded, seeks to stabilize our current income so when raptors need the most help there are resources to support them.

The Aerie Society

RMRP supporters who make gifts of $1,000 or more per calendar year receive membership in RMRP’s Aerie Society. The name for this special group was chosen very carefully. An Aerie (pronounced “eye-ree)” is a safe stronghold such as the nest of a hawk or eagle, perched on a cliff or other high place.

Freedom's Refuge Society - A Lifetime Giving Club

The Freedom’s Refuge Society celebrates those who have supported the Rocky Mountain Raptor Program since its creation in 1987 to create an unwavering foundation that supports our mission. The Freedom’s Refuge Society is a giving society honoring donors who have given $5000 or more in the lifetime of RMRP.

Legacy of Freedom Society - A Planned Giving Club

The Legacy Of Freedom Society has been created to honor those that have decided to give a future gift to RMRP of any amount through their will or other means.

By joining now, we can thank you during your lifetime for your future gift. Your decision will help us continue to save and release raptors, conduct essential research, and educate children and adults about why raptors matter.