Case Inquiry

If you helped to rescue a raptor in distress, we understand that you may be interested in how the raptor is doing in our care. We ask that you wait 48 hours after the raptor comes to RMRP to ask for an update, as the first 48 hours of a raptor’s time at RMRP are the most critical. We see many raptors throughout the year, often several in a single day. The more information you provide, the better chance we will be able to respond to your question.

Make an inquiry by phone:

Please contact our facility by phone at (970) 484-7756. Please have the following information ready so we can process your inquiry as quickly as possible:

  • If the case number was provided to you, please have that number ready.
  • Date raptor was found and brought to RMRP.
  • Location where raptor was found.
  • Type of raptor, if known.

Make an inquiry online: