Contact Our Raptor Hotline at: 970-222-0322

For all other wildlife, please refer to the Animal Help Now website resource.  They can can help you find a local wildlife rehabilitator for the animal in need. Simply enter your address and click what type of help you need. They can even direct you to emergency help for domestic animals.

If you are in Wyoming*, please contact Wyoming Game and Fish. If you are in Nebraska, please refer to the Nebraska Humane Society for information.

General Information:

There is no way to prepare for helping a wild animal in distress. Consult the Rocky Mountain Raptor Program before attempting to handle an injured raptor. Raptors can cause severe injuries to would-be rescuers, even when they are hurt and sick.

If you have a possible raptor in distress, please contact RMRP so we may help you determine what to do next.

  • Call the Raptor Hotline phone number at (970) 222-0322.
    • If possible, take a photo!
    • A photo can help us determine the species, age, and injury of the raptor.
  • Monday–Friday, 9am–5pm you can also call our office at (970) 484-7756.
  • If you find a dead raptor, please call RMRP for information on what to do.
Common Nighthawk – not a raptor.

Injured raptors require specialized care. Any delay reduces the raptors chance of recovery and release. Licensed wildlife rehabilitators will respond as soon as possible to wildlife in distress, and are dedicated to healing sick and injured animals and raising orphaned youngsters with the goal of returning them to their natural home. They are licensed by state and federal agencies. RMRP is a licensed raptor rehabilitation facility.

Note: Sometimes we receive common nighthawks or songbirds on the ground or injured.  These are not raptors and we are not licensed to care for them at RMRP. Use the Animal Help Now website to find a local rehabilitator.

What to do next:

When to take action
How to handle an injured raptor
Transporting an injured raptor

*Wyoming Residents: Please note that in Wyoming state law prevents anyone without a rehabilitation license from having wildlife in their custody for any reason, even if transporting to a rehabilitator. Please contact Wyoming Game and Fish if you have a wildlife emergency.