Partners & Sponsors

2023 Educational Program Partner

Sponsoring Partner since 2019, Platte River Power Authority, is funding the following events to help improve our world for raptors and humans alike.

  • Providing for a full complete diet of nutritional food for 5 rehabilitating raptors for 30 days.
  • Test for lead levels in 26 raptors upon admission.
  • Sponsoring the May, August, and December RMRP Open Houses.
  • Providing for a full complete diet of nutritious food for 9 of the RMRP Educational Ambassadors for 30 days.
  • Underwriting the cost of delivering 6 on-site presentations for K-12 school programs at the RMRP facility.

Platte River Power Authority proudly sponsored the RMRP in 2019, 2020, and 2021.

Raptor Rescue & Rehabilitation Partners

2024 Gala Sponsors

Platinum Sponsor

Poudre Pet & Feed Supply has supported RMRP since 2002! Through fundraisers, inkind donations, educational opportunities, and sponsorships, Poudre Pet & Feed has supported the life-saving rehabilitation and life-changing conservation education of RMRP in so many different ways. Thank you to these amazing raptor heroes!

Silver Sponsor & Freedom Flight Award Winner

Power Line Sentry, under the founding leadership of Todd Kerr, has committed to a foundation of wildlife conservation and innovative contributions that have made a significant impact on safeguarding raptors

Bronze Sponsors

Foundation Sponsors