2021 Summer Wish List Drive

RMRP is so grateful to everyone who helped keep our supplies from drying out completely during the worst of the COVID pandemic. Now that more people are able to be out and about, we hope you will help restock the shelves!

During these many months of COVID, RMRP used up every last resource we had stored away. Plus, we happily shared our supplies with other entities in need. Now, with our cupboards bare, we hope you will join us for the 2021 Summer Wish List Drive.

Below, check out the needs of our different departments. The link will take you to the item on our Amazon Wish List. However, we encourage you to buy locally if you can!

Shopping locally? Download this shopping list to pick up simple, yet essential, items for RMRP:

How To Donate Items

Drop Off Items:

Items can be dropped off at our facility at 720 E. Vine Drive in Fort Collins. Put items in the donation bin out front between 9am and 5pm Monday-Friday.

Please do not enter the building.

Our permitting agencies still require us to follow many COVID restrictions. If you need a special drop-off time or have other questions about dropping off items, please call us at 970-484-7756.

Purchase Items Online:

Most of the following items can be purchased from our Amazon Wish List. Simply click the "SEE ON AMAZON" button and browse our Wish List. Add the items you wish to purchase to your cart. Amazon helps you send the items directly to RMRP!


All of our departments are in desperate need of nitrile gloves. Any brand, mostly size extra small, small, and medium. Our entire stock of gloves has been used up during the pandemic, including donating our back stock to other wildlife agencies in need. Please help us restock our shelves during this extremely busy time of year.

Any Brand Nitrile Gloves: Extra Small, Small, & Medium Sizes

To keep people and raptors safe from disease during care.
Extra Small Size:
Need: 50 BOXES Have: 19
Small Size:
Need: 100 BOXES Have: 45
Medium Size:
Need: 100 BOXES Have: 33

Rehabilitation Department Wish List

Help the RMRP Rehabilitation Department care for injured and orphaned raptors with the following items.

Powder Laundry Detergent - No Dyes or Perfumes

With many raptors comes many...poops. We can use any brand powder laundry detergent as long as it is dye and perfume free. Example: All Free & Clear Laundry Detergent.

Need: 20 BOXES Have: 4

Rodent Pro Gift Certificates

It's baby season! It feels like they can clear a freezer full of mice in a day! We love Rodent Pro Gift Certificates to help restock the freezers. Note: Please do not order rodents directly. We have specialized needs, plus we get a non-profit discount!

Need: Any amount! Have: $0

Completed Items!

  • Medical Scissors
    • Needed 5 - FULFILLED
  • Clorox Bleach
    • Needed 20 gallons - FULFILLED
  • Black or blue pens
    • Needed 500 pens -FULFILLED
  • Masking tape
    • Needed 30 rolls - FULFILLED

Education & Outreach Program Wish List

We are continuously working on improving our Education and Outreach Program to better serve YOU!! These items will help us provide YOU better online and streaming experiences from RMRP.

Wireless Mouse

Ya. A mouse was killed. Not by the raptors. I mean, I guess they also kill mice. But not computer mice. That was all us.

...we need a new mouse.

Need: 1 Have: 0

Collapsible Magazine and Literature Counter

Educational and Outreach Programs would greatly benefit from this handy gadget! All the RMRP info new friends need, all in one place!

Need: 1 Have: 0

Completed Items!

  • Wireless Lapel Microphone
    • Needed 1: FULFILLED!
  • NexiGo 1080P Wide Angle Webcam
    • Needed 1: FULFILLED!
  • MyPin Game Live Capture Card
    • Needed 1: FULFILLED!
  • Cable Clips - 16 pack
    • Needed 1: FULFILLED!
  • HuddleCam 1080P Wide Angle Webcam
    • Needed 2: FULFILLED!
  • 4 Port USB Hub
    • Needed 2: FULFILLED!
  • 10ft USB Extension Cables
    • Needed 4: FULFILLED!
  • Micro USB to USB 6+ Foot Extension Cables
    • Needed 2: FULFILLED!
  • 5 Outlet/3 USB Port Surge Protector
    • Needed 4: FULFILLED!

(Boring) Office Supply Wish List

We can't make office supplies exciting. Sadly, we need them. We are just an unenthused by paper clips as you are. Promise.

Toilet Paper

Please don't make me explain toilet paper.

Need: 400 ROLLS Have: 36

Copy Paper

For patient records and care instructions. Any brand, 8.5X11".

Need: 100 REAMS Have: 21

Correction Tape

Any brand. General office use.

Need: 20 Have: 4

Paper Clips

Any brand. General office use.

Need: 100 BOXES Have: 30

Forever Stamps

1st Class Forever Stamps for general office use. We recommend ordering directly from the post office either in-person or online to avoid extra fees charged by companies like Amazon.

Need: 1000 Stamps Have: 0

  • White out correction tape
    • Needed 20 - FULFILLED
  • #10 business envelopes
    • Needed 500 - FULFILLED

Educational Raptor Wish List


See other sections for items needed to care for raptors in our facility.

Our Educational Ambassador Raptors live long happy, healthy lives at RMRP. We would love to have the following items to bring even more joy and enrichment to the hard-working raptors in our care.

Thank you for filling our needs for the following items!

  • Kong: Wubba XL
    • Needed 2 - FULFILLED
  • JW Hol-ee Toy, Medium
    • Needed 2 - FULFILLED
  • JW Hol-ee Toy, Small
    • Needed 2 - FULFILLED
  • Reusable Food Storage Bags
    • Needed 24 bags - FULFILLED
  • Multi-color Write On Labels
    • Needed 1 pack of 60 labels - FULFILLED
  • Bathing Pans
    • Needed 12 - FULFILLED
  • #0 (1/4") Grommets
    • Needed 1 Bag of 1000 - FULFILLED
  • Cordless Dremmel Kit
    • Needed 1 - FULFILLED
  • EVA Foam Tiles
    • Needed 50 sq ft - FULFILLED
  • #2 (3/8") Grommets
    • Need 1 Bag of 1000 - FULFILLED