Most Critical Needs

All of our departments are in desperate need of nitrile gloves, any brand.

DEWALT 10-Inch Table Saw, 32-1/2-Inch Rip Capacity (DWE7491RS)

Our raptor enclosures are due for a bunch of upgrades and fixes. Our current table saw has bit the big one. Can you help?

Need: 1 Have: 0

Paper Towels – Any Brand – Select-A-Size Preferred

With many raptors comes many…poops. So. Much. Cleaning.

Need: 300 ROLLS Have: 24

Any Brand Nitrile Gloves: Extra Small, Medium and Large Sizes

To keep people and raptors safe from disease during care.
Extra Small Size:
Need: 10 BOXES Have: 0
Medium Size:
Need: 50 BOXES Have: 10
Large Size:
Need: 50 BOXES Have: 0

Toilet Paper – Any Brand

Please don’t make me explain toilet paper.

Need: 700 ROLLS Have: 144

Rodent Colony Expansion

We need to expand our rodent colony! All the young owls in our care need to learn to hunt before they return to the wild. Help us make sure these youngsters get all the training they need by adding this addition to “Rat School”!

Critter Nation Replacement Pan

Need: 8 Have: 0

Lixit Critter Space Pod – Large Size

Need: 8 Have: 1

JWShang Rodent Hammock

Need: 8 Have: 1

LeerKing Rodent Hammock

Need: 4 Have: 0

Kaytee 12″ Comfort Wheel

We raise live rodents in our facility to benefit the raptors in our care. We ensure these rodent live healthy, happy lives when they are with us. These wheels are super popular with our resident rodents!

Need: 4 Have: 0

Lixit 16oz Small Animal Water Bottle

Our live-prey colony needs some new water bottles to replace the older, chewed up ones. Can you help us treat them to some new water bottles?

Need: 15 Have: 9

Rehabilitation Department Wish List

Help the RMRP Rehabilitation Department care for injured and orphaned raptors with the following items.

Sisal Rope

We use sisal rope to cover raptor perches. This keeps their feet in tip-top shape! Must be unoiled and safe for animals. Please no small pieces. One perch needs several unbroken yards of rope!

  • 1/4″ Sisal Rope
    • Need: 8000ft Have: 0
  • 3/8″ Sisal Rope
    • Need: 3000ft Have: 750ft
  • 1/2″ Sisal Rope
    • Need: 3500ft Have: 50ft

Dremel Cutting Accessory Kit

We have lots of work to do on our raptor enclosures! This kit will go a long way with helping with maintenance and upgrades.

Need: 1 Have: 0

CUTCO Super Shears

We have used just about every type of kitchen and utility shear in our raptor diet preparation kitchen, and these CUTCO Super Shears are the longest-lasting and highest quality prep scissors we have ever had! One pair lasts for years, vs other brands that last a month or less.

Need: 2 Have: 1

Long-handled, Heavy-Duty Scrub Brush

We love the Libman brand scrub brushes, but other brands with similar shape and size are fine!

Need: 15 Have: 2

Rodent Pro Gift Certificates

It’s baby season! It feels like they can clear a freezer full of mice in a day! We love Rodent Pro Gift Certificates to help restock the freezers. Note: Please do not order rodents directly. We have specialized needs, plus we get a non-profit discount! Please address the certificate to Carrie Laxson at

Need: Any amount! Have: $0

Educational Raptor Wish List

Our Educational Ambassador Raptors live long happy, healthy lives at RMRP. We would love to have the following items to bring even more joy and enrichment to the hard-working raptors in our care.

Education & Outreach Program Wish List

We are continuously working on improving our Education and Outreach Program to better serve YOU!! These items will help us provide YOU better online and streaming experiences from RMRP.

Collapsible Magazine and Literature Counter

Educational and Outreach Programs would greatly benefit from this handy gadget! All the RMRP info new friends need, all in one place!

Need: 1 Have: 0

(Boring) Office Supply Wish List

We can’t make office supplies exciting. Sadly, we need them. We are just an unenthused by paper clips as you are. Promise.

Copy Paper

For patient records and care instructions. Any brand, 8.5X11″.

Need: 100 REAMS Have: 20

Forever Stamps

1st Class Forever Stamps for general office use. We recommend ordering directly from the post office either in-person or online to avoid extra fees charged by companies like Amazon.

Need: 1000 Stamps Have: 0

Getting Items to RMRP

Drop Off Items:

Items can be dropped off at our facility at 720 E. Vine Drive in Fort Collins. If you need a special drop-off time or have other questions about dropping off items, please call us at 970-484-7756.

Purchase Items Online:

Most of the following items can be purchased from our Amazon Wish List. Simply click the “SEE ON AMAZON” button and browse our Wish List. Add the items you wish to purchase to your cart. Amazon helps you send the items directly to RMRP!