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Educating In Our Schools

Carin Avila

The Rocky Mountain Raptor Program’s comprehensive Education and Outreach Program provides presentations and exhibits throughout the northeastern Colorado and southeastern Wyoming region, offering communities and individuals the opportunity to experience live raptors up close and learn about the uniqueness of these creatures and the habitats we share through personal connections and exploration.

Utilizing creative props, recorded sounds, and a variety of interactive activities, our outreach strives to inspire audiences of all ages to realize the beauty and importance of raptors, as well as understanding of their place in the natural world.  Each public appearance features live raptors that are permanently disabled but have found a rewarding career in being Educational Ambassadors.  Visit the Educational Ambassadors page to learn more about these amazing individuals.

Each year, the Rocky Mountain Raptor Program brings the wonder of raptors to more than 15,000 school children through educational programs. Some wonderful donors and sponsors have made it possible for RMRP to visit underfunded schools that may not be able to afford our program fees. You can enquire about underwriting scholarships when you fill our our appearance request form.

Community Events

Additionally, free public programs at libraries and other community locations provide all the citizens of the communities the RMRP serves an opportunity to experience raptors up close. Visit with our ambassadors and volunteers on an informal basis at one of the many festivals and events we bring the raptors to or come explore our facility at one of our open houses. Check out our events calendar to see where you can meet the raptors next!

Create A Unique Experience With RMRP

Looking for something to “jazz up” a service club meeting, trade show exhibit, wedding, birthday party, ribbon cutting ceremony, open house, business gathering, company picnic or other special occasion? The Rocky Mountain Raptor Program offers entertaining education programs for your next event.


If you are hoping to schedule a program or appearance with the Rocky Mountain Raptor Program for your event, group, or class please be prepared to schedule at least 10 weeks in advance for your preferred date due to high demand. Complete our appearance request form to begin the scheduling process. It may be up to a week to respond to your inquiry. Please be patient while we are out educating and providing care for raptors.

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