Photo Calendar Contest

IT’S THAT TIME! The 2022 RMRP Fund-raising photo Calendar is in the works.

The Rocky Mountain Raptor Program invites amateur and professional photographers to submit their photos of birds of prey.  The top 13 photographs will be included in the RMRP Annual 2022 Raptor Photo Calendar.  All photographs will include photo credits. Winning photographers will receive a free copy of the calendar, and a discount on additional calendar purchases.

Wild or captive, raptor photos that capture the beauty and ingenuity of these amazing creatures will aid the mission of RMRP to inspire the protection and appreciation of raptors and their habitats.

The Details: Photo submissions are now closed. However, we are still seeking sponsors for the calendar. Sponsor now!

  • All photographs must show ethical behavior around wildlife. Please refer to the American Birding Associations Code of Ethics which can be found at this website:
  • We will not print photos of birds that have been harassed, flushed, or baited to come to a particular spot. We will not be publishing photos of nests.
  • If your photos contain people, you must submit signed photo releases from them, or their parent if they are a minor.
  • Raptors from around the world photographed in the wild or in captivity qualify, please indicate which.
  • Photos must be sized for printing at 12 inches wide by 10 inches high (3,600X3,000 pixels at dpi).

How to Submit:

    • You will need to fill our your information, upload your photos and information about your photos, and have payment ready.
    • Entry fees are $20 for the initial photograph, and $10 for each additional photograph.


  • Download, print, and mail a submission form (including submission fees) for your entries.  Entries will not be considered without form and fees.
    • Entry fees are $20 for the initial photograph, and $10 for each additional photograph.
  • Hard copy submissions (CDR, flash drive, or similar media) can be mailed to: RMRP, 2519 S. Shields Street, 1K-115, Fort Collins, CO 80526
  • Online submissions can be made using WeTransfer.
    • Go to
    • Upload your photos.
    • Put in your email, and then use INFO@RMRP.ORG to send you photos.
    • Wait for photos to upload and click send.
  • If submitting online, please email ( or snail mail submission forms to the above address to complete your registration.



Become a Sponsor:

We are seeking sponsors for the 2022 Rocky Mountain Raptor Program Photo Calendar. Each year, this fundraiser helps spread awareness of our mission all over the US, and brightens walls everywhere with amazing and beautiful images.