Our Facility

Located at 720 East Vine Drive in Fort Collins, Colorado, the raptor rehabilitation center is home to our rehabilitation efforts, raptors undergoing rehabilitation, and our Educational Ambassadors. A former woodworking shop and bottling plant, this 8,000-square foot facility serves as our center of operations while we plan our future permanent facility. This facility is not open to the general public due to COVID-19 restrictions. 

Visiting the Center: RMRP is only open during open houses and scheduled tours. To schedule a tour, please call 970-484-7756, or email Carin@rmrp.org.

Injured Raptor: If you have an injured raptor call our raptor rescue hotline at 970-222-0322.

Other Animal Emergency: We recommend contacting Animal Help Now for the nearest facility that can handle the animal in question.

General inquiries: Call 970-484-7756 or email Carin@rmrp.org.

Event Schedule: To see when raptors will be available for viewing, visit our event schedule.

Mailing address: 2519 S. Shields Street, 1K-115, Fort Collins, CO 80526.

Physical address: 720 E. Vine Drive, Fort Collins, CO 80524. Please note that this facility is NOT open to the public. If you have donations or donated items to drop off, please call us at 970-484-7756 to set up a donation time. Please do not send mail to this address.

Environmental Learning Center (ELC): Note: As of May 2016, the RMRP no longer has raptors on display at CSU’s ELC. To learn when you may be able to view raptors, please check our event schedule.

Questions: Please call us with any questions at (970) 484-7756.