The Freedom’s Refuge Society celebrates those who have supported the Rocky Mountain Raptor Program since its creation in 1987 to create an unwavering foundation that supports our mission. The Freedom’s Refuge Society is a giving society honoring donors who have given $5000 or more in the lifetime of RMRP.

Freedom’s Refuge Categories:

  • Red-tail’s Retreat: $5,000-$9,999.99
  • Osprey’s Harbor: $10,000-$24,999.99
  • Owl’s Haven: $25,000-$49,999.99
  • Peregrine’s Preserve: $50,000-$99,999.99
  • Eagle’s Stronghold: $100,000+

Eagle’s Stronghold:

Bernice Barbour Foundation

Rosana Guimaraes

JEM Foundation

Monfort Family Foundation

Mortimer Charitable Lead Trust

Stallings Revocable Trust

The Powell Foundation

Peregrine’s Preserve:

Alice N. Jenkins Foundation

Carl and Judy Ferenbach

August and Christel Pfeiffer

Elinor Patterson Baker Trust

Elizabeth Bassett

Jessica Manning

Karen Ann and Rich Cress

Robert Gregory

Wayne and Phyllis Schrader

Owl’s Haven:

William and Kristine Bensler
Sheila Boll
John Brooke and Cheryl Teuton
Bryan Byers
Ross and Jill Cunniff
Animal Assistance Foundation
George and Margaret Janson
Richard Luebs
Kenneth & Myra Monfort Charitable Foundation, Inc.
Larry and Heather Reeder
Vic and MC Reichman
George Tomasevich
Dyanne Willow and Jason Loftus
Mike and Leslie Winn
Mary McKimmon Kimmie Winston and James Winston
Bohemian Foundation

Osprey’s Harbor:

Pat Adams
Anadarko Petroleum Corporation
Mrs. Ilka Archambault and Mr. Bill Hudson
Piper Aune
Dr. Thomas Bennett and Jaqueline Bennett
Frank and Carla Bennett
George and Barbara Biedenstein
Black-Periman Foundation
BP Corporation North America Inc.
Rutt and Annie Bridges Family Foundation
David and Alexandra Butler
Bryan Byers and Rebecca Van Pelt
Roberta Cipriano and Lula Callahan
The Community Foundation For Northeast Florida
Kitty Cottingham
Richard and Jeane Darst
Tharon and John Deakins
Carol Dollard and Harry Bates
James Doyle
Barbara Duffner
Kenneth F. Dunnington
El Pomar Foundation
Trish Faubion
Bob and Rose Francella
Scott Gale and Nancy Cox
Dennis and Geri Georg
Robert and Carol Gocke
Guthrie Charitable Foundation
Jon and Kimberly Hassinger
Bob Heer and Mary Kolesnyk
Scott and Ria Hudson
Gene and Susan Humphries
Douglas Johnston and Karen Uyeda
Kennedy and Coe, LLC

Michael and Gayle Lettenmaier
Rick and Nancy Lorenzen
Michael Mabbitt and Diane Hill-Mabbitt
Ron Malm and Tandie Opsal
Donald Mank
Jim and Joanne Matson
Dr. and Mrs. John McGrew
Dr. and Mrs. Gary McIntyre
Messing Family Charitable Foundation
Dick and Lynn Minor
William Molloy
New Belgium Brewery
John and Cindy Nigh
Terri Orcutt & Charles Berner
Jean O’Toole
OtterCares Foundation
Pajeau Wildlife Foundation
Platte River Power Authority
Poudre Pet and Feed Supply
Power Line Sentry, LLC
Nancy Prior
Andrea Rayford
John and Maria Reed
Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth Robertson
Sean Rogers and Alison Rogers-Larsen
Judy Scherpelz
Robert and Sue Taylor
Russell Taylor and Mary Wilson
The Vermont Community Foundation
Steven and Teresa Wells
Wesch Family Foundation
Dyanne Willow
Mary Catherine Wynne and William Humphrey
Xcel Energy Foundation
Shannon and Rob Yockey

Red-tail’s Retreat:

Aaron and Ashley McGrew
Aaron Miller and Carin Avila
Alsager Animal Care Center
Andrew Hornbrook
A-Train Marketing
Augustus and Sylvia Chinworth
Barbara Green
Barry Hamilton
Barry Johnson and Jane Pollock
Belinda Biddle
Bernie and Barb Alexy
Bonanza Creek Energy
Chapman Young, III
Charles and Gail Lowrie
Christine Berkness
Christopher Bielinski and Jenny Geiser
Colorado Division Of Wildlife-Fort Collins
Combined Jewish Philanthropies Of Greater Boston – CJP
Community First Foundation
Community Foundation Of Northern Colorado
Cristine Romarine and Tony Serafin
Daryl and Helen Boggs
Dave and Kerry Brookman
David and Diana Larson
David Dahms
Dennis Bogott
Diana Walter
Dr. Erica Runkle
Dr. Matthew Johnston
Dr. Michelle Wendell
Drs. Steve Strauss and Olga Boltalina
Dwight Rus
Ed and Setsuko Decourcey
Eiland and Jill Wood
Elizabeth Ann Armour and Philip Rakita
Elizabeth Chamberlin
Engle Family Foundation
Eric and Michelle Baxter
Eric DeFonso

Fort Fund-Cultural, Library, and Recreational Services
Fred and Cynthia Burdick
Hal Litoff
Hans and Kathy Jorgensen
Heather and Brandon Gleeson
Heather Weich
IBM International Foundation
Infinite Wellness Center – IWC
Jack Hubbard and Natasha Wise
Jean and H. Denise Wilks
Jim and Monica Adams
Joe Machala and Carole Cotham-Machala
Joel and Ruth Larner
John and Barbara Read
John and Kate Davis
John and Reghan Cloudman
Judy McArthur and Hal Smith
Julie Bettis
Karen Kleehammer
Karl and Cindy Hoff
Katherine Reid and Gary Eastman
Kathleen Doyle
KC Collins
Kenneth and Traci Buran
Lakin Family Foundation
Laurence Mason
Linda S. Hamilton
Lindsay Morgan
Lyal E. Quinby
Margo and Dean Allman
Marie Kirkpatrick
Mary Kiesling
Maxine Benjamin, DVM
Michael and Christine Thomas
Michael Bowie and P. Elaine Roberts
ML Stevens and Tom Remington
Nancy Avila
OneTech Computer Consulting, Inc.
Paul and Ellen Dudek
Paula Boswell and Donna Herrick
Peter and Jane Mellers

Phil and Lynn Beedle
Philip and Joni Friedman
Poudre Valley REA
Raptor Conservancy Of VA
Ray Franklin and Cathy Peterson
Rebecca Van Pelt
Richard Pillmore
Robert and Ann Chlebnik
Robert Schein
Sandra Schulz
Sarah and Ryan Webb
Scott and Rosemarie Hanson
Scott Williams
Seth and Erin McEwan
Shawn and Evon Holladay
Stephen Weston and Glinda Lobdell
Terence Rhoden
The Baloro Trust – Yvon Chouinard Family Trustees
The Denver Foundation, Nordic Pearl Fund
The Home Depot Foundation
The Shelby Family Foundation
The William H. and Mattie Wattis Harris Foundation
Tim Tillson and Kathleen Kiefer
Todd and Lisa Kerr
Van and Sheila Baker
Wild Birds Unlimited
William H. Donner Foundation
William Lewis
Xcel Energy