Interns perform a variety of tasks within the RMRP.

With over 35 years of experience in the field of raptor rehabilitation, the Rocky Mountain Raptor Program (RMRP)  offers exceptional opportunities for learning about the rescue, husbandry, care and rehabilitation of a variety of raptor species. The intern will have the opportunity to gain hands-on experience in a rehabilitation setting and learn skills from diet preparation and general husbandry to safe capture and restraint of raptor patients. Their will also be opportunities to observe triage, wound care and other treatments, and to participate in raptor necropsies.

The work can be intense, fast-paced and repetitive.    As an intern at RMRP, you will be expected to work hard and get your hands dirty!  Seasonal Interns will commit to a minimum of four months, completing a minimum of 200 hours (usually in 5-8 hour shifts). Shifts run from 7am-12pm or 7am-3pm. The seasonal internship coincides with busy season for RMRP and starts in May and runs through either August or September.

All intern opportunities are unpaid positions.

Applications open on January 1. Deadline is March 31st.

The sessions fill up fast and demand is high for limited internship positions.

Please contact Gail at for a detailed description of the position and information on how to apply.