Become a Volunteer – Save lives and change lives!

As a volunteer, you can help provide A Second Chance at Freedom to hundreds of eagles, owls, hawks, and falcons that are injured or suffer illness each year. You can also help to inspire hearts and minds, young and old, to conserve raptors and the spaces we share with them. Volunteers and interns provide healing care, participate in educational programs and outreach, offer clerical support, and help with our day-to-day operations. Would you like to change the world by joining our team?

All volunteer applicants go through a screening process, which includes completion of application, interview, and background check. Volunteers must be over 18, those working with animals and maintenance must also have a current tetanus vaccine, and be able to meet the requirements of the applied for position.

Please read the details of the position you are interested in to find out how and when to apply. You may also e-mail Lisa Winta, RMRP volunteer coordinator for more information,

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