Because of your extraordinary efforts, over $63,000 in gifts and incentives from Colorado Gives Day will allow the Rocky Mountain Raptor Program and our mission to soar ever higher. We are in awe of our donors and supporters that continue to prove that they are raptor heroes!!!!

Caring for Injured Raptors

New freezer for food storage (many of ours are SO old and dying)$1000 – DONE
1 Year of Live-Prey Testing for raptors returning to the wild$2000 – DONE
Surgery fund$5400 – DONE
150 Hours of Critical Care$15,000 – DONE
Diagnostics for 150 raptors at Colorado State University Veterinary Hospital$15,000 – DONE
1 Year of food (supplemented by year-round donations)$20,000 -DONE
Total Goal:$58,400 – COMPLETE

Goals: Biosecurity & Safety – COMPLETE!!!

Nitrile Gloves$100 -DONE
Air purifying/disinfection units$400 -DONE
Disinfecting equipment for raptor enclosures$500 -DONE
Zep & Micronex disinfectant$2000 -DONE
Total Goal:$3000 – COMPLETE!!!!