Eastern Screech Owl (Megascops asio)

Just a baby: The first day at RMRP

This beautiful little owl was brought to RMRP as a fledgling in July of 2020. Upon admission, he was found to have a broken jaw that already healed in an odd alignment. He was a very young bird and found near a road, so it is probable that on one of his first solo explorations he was hit by a car. Luckily, he was still being cared for by his parents and was not hungry or dehydrated.

All grown up and ready to become an Educational Ambassador!

At RMRP, this young owl was given lots of rest, nutritious food, and time to recover from his ordeal. Although he is able to fly and catch prey, his mal-aligned jaw means that his beak doesn’t wear down evenly as it naturally should, and needs frequent trimming to make sure he can eat properly. Because of these issues, he was deemed non-releasable.

As a young bird who was able to grow up in our care, Tycho has adapted very well to working with humans! He is very curious of everything going on around him, and is very interested in any training that involves treats! This little owl is named after Tycho Brache, a Renaissance astronomer.