Red-tailed Hawk (Buteo jamaicensis)

This fiery Red-tailed Hawk was found on the side of I-25 near Fort Collins in 1999.  She had sustained a fractured right clavicle & coracoid (shoulder area) and head trauma, which impaired the vision in her left eye. Because of her impaired vision, she could not be released to the wild. She was an adult when admitted (at least 2 years old), so her exact age is unknown.

As one of our oldest and most solid ambassador raptors, she spent many years making hundreds of public appearances at events across Colorado. Now, in her older age, she is moving into partial (well deserved) retirement. While you may not see her at the bigger festival events anymore, she is still making appearances at many local programs and shorter events!

She was named Ember after her glowing red tail and her incandescent attitude.