The Freedom Flight Award is honored to those who have demonstrated extraordinary commitment and distinguished service in the protection, conservation, and stewardship of birds of prey.

The Freedom Flight Award is presented to each years winner at the Annual Auction and Gala.





Rosana Guimaraes and Denita Paez-Guimaraes 2019
Jack & Liz McGrew and Alice N. Jenkins Foundation 2018
Nancy Prior  2017
 Rick Snow & Helen Petrak 2016
Gail Kratz 2015
EDM International 2014
Judy Scherpelz 2013
Dorothea Farris and Robert Streeter 2012
Downtown Development Authority 2011
CSU Veterinary Teaching Hospital 2010
Mickey Willis and Wayne Schrader 2009
Rick Harness and Delta Construction 2008
Jeff Stark and Xcel Energy 2007