Celebrate World Migratory Bird Day

Today is International Migratory Bird Day. Many of those migratory birds we care for here at the RMRP: Peregrine Falcons, Swainson’s Hawks, Turkey Vultures, Bald Eagles and more. You can join us tomorrow, Sunday, May 11th from 11 – 3 to help celebrate these world travelers. But today, when you step outside, look at the flying creatures in your neighborhood and wonder where their travels have taken them.

The RMRP would also like to share this article written by Scott Weidensaul, and published in Audubon Magazine. Scott is the author of the wonderful book, “Raptors, the Birds of Prey”. We highly recommend this book. We refer to it all the time around here. The following excerpt from the article says it all.

Turkey Vulture by Gina Bare

“There is certainly no time for complacency, no time for timidity or half-measures as the world closes in tighter and tighter, filling up the land with junk and schlock, crowding out the beautiful and the wild and epic. There are fewer and fewer places where you can still feel the north wind on your face and good rock under your feet; taste the salt air and squint against the glare of sunlit sand without a T-shirt shack obscuring the view; or stand at the bedchamber of a glacier and see an unsullied forest spill to the horizons below you.

And over all of these sweet and precious places, there soar birds.”


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