Climate Change and Raptors

This week, NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) reported that global temps in August this year have surpassed all historic heat records since records began being kept in the 1880’s. Last week, Audubon released an alarming report siting that more than half of US birds are threatened by climate change. NPR covered the story which you can read and listen to here.

Juvenile Mississippi Kite
Juvenile Mississippi Kite

At the RMRP we are now seeing Mississippi Kites coming through our doors. Not in large numbers, but more of them every year. These formerly southern birds are moving northwestward as the climate changes. Yet, despite them moving this direction for breeding, they aren’t suited for our cold winters, adding increased migratory stresses on the birds. When they are in rehabilitation that adds increased stresses in managing their recovery from injuries or illness.

The Mississippi Kites are not the only sign of climate change at the RMRP. We are seeing more unpredictability in storm patterns, more extremes in dry and wet times. These chaotic patterns has lead to some devastating storms and unusual weather phenomena during nesting season and migration, which often leads to birds coming through our doors.

Yes, climate change is affecting us all. As the Audubon report says, the birds are heavily impacted and yes, we all must think of how our actions are affecting this. Right here in our community, YOU can help the RMRP heal and treat birds that in one way or another may be in our care due to climate change. YOU can help us give them A Second Chance at Freedom which hopefully gives them strength in wild numbers in our changing world. YOU can make this difference by donating today at

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