Long-eared Owl

Long-eared Owl (Asio otus)

This bird came to the RMRP in April 2009.  He had a dislocation of the right wrist and a fracture of one of the wrist bones which left him unable to fly.  He was found in LaPorte, CO near highway 287. Proximity to the road indicates his injury may have been caused by an impact with a vehicle. His age and gender are unknown.

As a tufted owl, the Long-eared Owl has a resemblance to the much larger Great Horned Owl. Strongly nocturnal, this elusive species hunts for rodents in open country or forest clearings at night. Its cryptic plumage conceals it within the dense tree foliage during the day.  Though a ferocious predator in its own right, long-eared owls are preyed upon by other raptors more than any other owl in the western hemisphere.  They often end up in the pellets of goshawks and great horned owls.

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Long-eared Owl

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