Baby Owl Season Has Arrived

It has begun!! Baby season is in full swing!
     So far, three baby Great Horned Owls have been admitted. Two are very small, just a handful of fluff and talons, and one is just days away from fledging.
     All three are completely healthy and unharmed. The two smallest babies are from two different nests that are somewhat small and unstable. Due to their size, we are unable to reunite the babies with their parents – there’s simply no room!
     The largest youngster is from a nest that was made in the garden center of a Lowe’s. Although it might have seemed like quiet place to raise their young during the winter, the owl family was quickly entrenched in a crazy situation as the spring planting season progressed. The parents were doing a great job of protecting their youngster – all the shoppers had to watch their heads! To keep everyone safe the owlet was relocated to the RMRP. With their owlet gone, the parents will disperse from the garden center. Shoppers won’t have to beware of attacks anymore!
To support the care of these little owlets while they learn and grow, please donate and become a part of our team of life-saving supporters.

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