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Want to help the birds?

Items on our wish list are critical to our everyday operations. When you donate any of these items to the RMRP, you are helping us save our dollars to pay for the costs of caring for the birds. Please help!

Gift certificates to Rodentpro - www.rodentpro.co/catalog_certs.asp or (812) 867-7598.
Poudre Pet and Feed Gift Cards – supplies for raising live prey.

First-class postage stamps, flats or rolls

Office Supplies
Copier and printer paper – both letter and legal sizes
Business-size envelopes (#9 and #10)
Paper towels
Padded mailing envelopes - all sizes
Toilet paper &  Kleenex
Dry Erase Markers - Fine Point (red, blue, black & green)
Black Sharpies (fine point, ultra fine point, and chisel tip)
Ink pens - Blue or Black

Gift Cards
Home Depot, Lowe's – (for lumber/building supplies for cage repairs and expansion)
Poudre Pet and Feed – supplies for raising live prey
Target, Walmart, King Soopers – paper products, cleaning supplies, etc.

Unscented liquid laundry detergent
Chlorox unscented liquid bleach (no bleach substitutes)
Liquid hand soap 64 oz or larger (not “antibacterial,” non-fragrance)

Dawn (original formula) Dish Soap

Gift cards: Jiffy Lube, Grease Monkey, Hawker's Automotive

Miscellaneous Supplies
32oz new Plastic Bottles w/sprayer top (standard neck, not wide)
Scotch brand scrubbing sponges
Utility Scrub Brush - Gong type (google it)
Heavy Duty plastic buckets: 2 ½ - 3 gallon
Heavy duty kitchen scissors
AstroTurf - 6x8 rolls at Home Depot
Metal hose nozzle (non trigger type)
Lead-free Heavy Duty Garden Hose - 100 ft.

Trash bags: 13 gal and 39 gal, unscented