If you are interested in any of these opportunities please send an e-mail to Lisa@rmrp.org.

Auction Planning Volunteer

We are seeking someone that is motivated to make a big impact by helping to plan and run the RMRP’s annual fundraising auction, held on February 22nd, 2025.

The ideal candidate is well organized, detail oriented, and outgoing.  This volunteer position will include donor relations, seeking item donations, photographing and cataloging of items, database and website updating, coordinating assignments and many other duties to help plan a successful fundraising event. Hours would need to be completed during normal business hours Tuesday through Friday. Hours per week can range from 6 to 20 hours with the heaviest need in February. Exact times can be negotiated. The position runs from November through mid-March.

Auction Day Volunteer – February 22, 2025

If you have some free time on February 22nd and want to help injured raptors get “A Second Chance at Freedom”, we would love your help.

Areas needing additional helping hands are:

  • Silent table watching
  • Reception
  • Greeters and helpers
  • We are also in need of helpers two weeks leading up to the main event for preparation tasks.

Auction Committee Member

We are looking for volunteers to help make this a successful event. We need energetic, spirited and motivated individuals to work on various auction committees. Below are job descriptions for each of the committees.  Each committee member may be responsible for different duties on the lists (not the whole list). The event planner, Lisa Winta, and committee chairs will be helping to direct you in these duties.

Committee Objectives: Help to facilitate a well-run and enjoyable event for all attendees, in hopes of inspiring high bidding and giving to reach a goal of over $100,000.

Length of Involvement and time commitment varies depending on the committee. In general, the following is minimum expectations:

  • 2 hours a month – May through December
  • 5 -10 hours a month – January and February
  • Committee members are encouraged to work the day of the event.
  • 1 hour debrief meeting in March
Listing of Committees

Sponsorship Committee

The sponsorship committee will develop plans for soliciting individual, corporate and in-kind sponsors for the RMRP 30th Annual Fundraising Auction. In addition, this committee will ensure that all sponsors of the event are recognized properly during the planning, at the actual event, and post event.

Skills Needed: Excellent relationship skills

Timeline: October through February. Minimum time commitment: 3 hours a month, more hours are welcome


  • Identifies potential sponsorship opportunities and in-kind needs.
  • Identifies list of potential sponsors.
  • Develops strategy for acquiring sponsors.
  • Solicits individuals and businesses to establish sponsorship relationships based on the goals and criteria of the plan.
  • Ensures that all donors, underwriters, and sponsors receive proper recognition before, during, and after the event. This may include signage, event promotion, programs, on stage thank you’s, on screen slides, social media, letter and hand-written notes.

Item Procurement Committee

The item procurement committee will secure donated items that will be sold via a live and/or silent auction and in additional revenue enhancement activities. It is the responsibility of this team to secure the best and most sought after auction items.

Skills Needed: Excellent relationship skills, Willingness to make follow-up phone calls, Ability to drive

Timeline: October through February.

Minimum time commitment: 2 hours a month Oct-Dec; 6 hours a month Jan – Feb., more time welcome.


  • Pitch ideas for whom to solicit and for what.
  • Create solicitation letter, forms, and mail or via On-line donation form when applicable.
  • Communication with item donors (follow up phone calls, emails).
  • Pick up/acquires items.
  • Confirm all info needed for items.
  • May catalog item, photograph.
  • May enter item into database.
  • Proper packaging and labeling for storage and transport.
  • May include producing and sending of thank you letters.

Display Committee

This committee may work closely with the Item Procurement Committee. Together the two committees work to make the most sought after items look as good as possible to garner the highest bidding. Members of this committee will assist the Event Coordinator in creating any additional print information needed to go with each item. The primary duty of the committee members is to assist in setting up and display of all auction items at the event on February 25th, 2023

           Skills Needed: Eye for elegant presentation and desire to aid in representing item donors in the best light

Timeline: January & February

Minimum Time Commitment: 4 hours January; 10 Hours in February which includes setting up the auction items at the event on the morning of the auction (exact hours to be determined). More hours are welcome.


  • May include production of printed materials to pair with items, cutting, taping, inserting into frames and otherwise creating elegant display info.
  • Assist with sorting and packaging auction items for transport to event.
  • Set up and display of auction items with information sheets at the event venue prior to opening of the auction.

Guest/VIP Committee

The duties of this committee is to make sure every guest leaves with a positive experience.

Skills Needed: Excellent relationship skills, friendly and outgoing, smile

Timeline: January & February

Minimum Time Commitment: 4 hours January, 15 hours in February which includes working the evening of the auction from 3:00 to 10pm, 8 hours in March. More hours are welcome.


  • Preps items for reception.
  • Assembles reception packets.
  • Learns and becomes familiar with computer program for check in and check out.
  • Assists at reception.
  • Assists bidders with any bidding questions related to the bidding computer program/app.
  • Make auction thank you phone calls and hand-written notes.