Birds of Prey Class 2018

Colorado raptors will be the focus of a class scheduled on five Saturdays this fall by the Rocky Mountain Raptor Program. Carin Avila, Executive Director of the RMRP, will teach these intensive learning workshops.
The classes will be held at the RMRP facility at 720 E. Vine Drive. All classes feature the RMRP Educational Ambassadors as LIVE models. Take one class or all five; each class is designed to stand alone. All classes run from 9am-2pm.
Classes are $60 each or all five for $275
Class 1: Construction of a Predator – Anatomy and Physiology. September 15, 2018
This class explores the anatomy and physiology of raptors. How do these amazing creatures do what they do? Find out during this informative, intensive class.
Class 2: Identification – Buteos, Eagles, and Vultures. September 29, 2018
Class 2 is a full day of learning how to identify the common species of hawks (buteos), eagles and vulture that occur in Colorado. LIVE Educational Ambassador raptors will be in the classroom to help you learn the subtle differences between these species.
Class 3: Identification – Falcons, Harriers, Osprey, Accipters, and Kites. October 20, 2018
Class 3 gives you a heavy overview of the falcon, accipiter, and kite species of Colorado, plus the Harriers and Osprey that live in our state. LIVE Educational Ambassador raptors will be in the classroom to help you get your identification perfect.
Class 4: Identification – Owls. November 3, 2018


Whoooooo is that? Learn about Colorado’s owls, where to find them, and how to tell them apart. LIVE Educational Ambassador owls will be a part of the classroom experience – one of a kind! This is our most popular class. Make sure to register early to get a seat!
Class 5: Field Observation – Adventure! November 17, 2018


The last class in the series tests your observation and identification skills. You will be taken on a guided tour of Northern Colorado with raptor professionals to help you ID these amazing birds on the wing!

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